Fighting Childhood Hunger - School by School


Sponsor a child today for only $180 and it will feed a student for the entire school year!


Children on the free and reduced program at school are able to eat breakfast and lunch during the school week, but when they leave school on Friday, they could possibly go without eating for 65 hours until they receive breakfast at school on Monday. Can you imagine? 1 out of 4 of our children go to bed hungry, and 1 out of 3 go to bed hungry in the inner cities.

Our Backpack Program provides these children with 6 meals and 4 snacks over the weekend throughout the entire school year. Ensuring they aren't one of the statistics or one of the children going 65 hours without a substantial meal.

Food for the Soul connects the local church to the school and the community. God says “feed the hungry,” and the depth of love in those three words are not only changing the lives of the children, but the families receiving the food, the school, and the community. God’s love through feeding His hungry children is life changing. The miracles that happen when you give to feed a hungry child will affect you too!

To date, with donations from individuals, businesses, churches, canned food drives, and a national grocery supplier, Food for the Soul has been blessed to have provided OVER 2.5 MILLION free meals to hungry children in our communities! God Is Great!


 The Need:

"There are three ways to get out of Oak Cliff [Inner City Dallas]: in a hearse, in a cop car, or a scholarship" - Phillip Tanner (Special Teams Coach for the Dallas Cowboys)

Listen to this Food for the Soul Podcast (Leaders and Legend) here https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/food-for-the-soul/id1468350970?i=1000441414045

The athletic programs within "Inner City" Independent School Districts are imperative for their future success. Athletic programs give students a sense of family with a positive culture, instead of finding that family within local gangs. Before Food for the Soul started their program at Sunset High School, the Head Coach in 2013 stated that he had to "bury seventeen" of his students due to gang related deaths. Without adequate food, no student could be physically or mentally able to stay within the school's athletic program. The food we provide keeps the students within a good program with the proper nutrients to do so. Our program has made a massive impact. In 2018, the Sunset Bison program had their first athlete going to college, set for a brighter future. 


We started feeding the Sunset Bison in 2013 after we got a call from a local pastor who asked us if we could help feed a football team that was hungry with some peanut butter and jelly. We said yes!

We first gave them peanut butter and jelly with a loaf of bread for everyone with a lot left for the coaches to give the team before practices. Just before I left I asked if they had pregame meals. The coach said, “Ms. Kim, they don’t eat before practice and when they go home there may not be any food either. We don’t have pregame meals here and they’re hungry.”  From that point on we started bringing them pregame meals.

With donations from our partners and their local church, The Gathering Church, we are able to feed them their pregame meals and start a food pantry.

In 2016, we added the Justin F Kimball Knights High School to our program!

These are the current high schools enrolled our program:

  • The Sunset High School (Dallas, Oak Cliff)

  • The Justin F Kimball High School (Dallas, Oak Cliff)

  • Waiting List 

    • South Oak Cliff ​

    • Spruce High School

It cost $5/football player per week. There are 10 weeks in their season. There are 100 players per team

It cost $5,000 per team for the football season. 

Please Fuel the Future - Feed an Athlete

Join us in being a part of the solution to end childhood hunger! 

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